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You say I'm a Dreamer Like it's a Bad Thing!

When I first realized that I was fascinated and obsessed with photography, I was about 13. I persistently toted around one of those 35mm film mechanical cameras, and I was constantly snapping photos of just about whatever I could. Yes, I grew up in the 1980's and that is how we did it...

Flash forward to 2016 when my husband got me the camera I always wanted. I went through various point and shoot style cameras, but now I had a DSLR. It was a (queue the Christmas Story voice) "Canon EOS Rebel t6i with two kit lenses, and handy Canon camera carrying case", and I was in loveeee.

That Canon did two things for me:

  1. It drove my hobby into something I couldn't live without like air.

  2. It started my professional life as a photographer.

From 2016-2019, something amazing happened. Photography and I became one. I couldn't be without my camera, and other people started recognizing me by my camera. I began like most moms do by taking photos of my kids doing nearly everything --sports, music, holiday photos etc. I even volunteered at work to sit out of team events like golf, flag football, kickball, ballpark outings, so that I could capture them instead. I became sort of a company mascot - the camera lady.

By the end of 2019, I started doing family portraits. I was actually using the name Fortier Photos (smacks head) I couldn't think of anything else, and I wasn't doing photography full-time so, it didn't matter to me. Until it did. I started volunteering for the AFSP Out of the Darkness Walk and had to come up with a better name. That is how Dreaming Dee was born! This was a big step for me because I immediately designed a logo and got to see it printed on the back of all of the shirts from the walk. It was extremely satisfying.

In 2020, I was ushered out of my finance job along with the pandemic. It seems it was time to sweep my career under the rug, and begin something new. I figured, heck, why not? So, I took a chance...

In 2021, when the world came back to life, so did I. Except this time, the world was different; I was different. I was reborn like a fierce and fanciful phoenix. I rose through the ashes of a career that went up in smoke with a new purpose; a new take on life.

A life with a camera.

Then I got a new camera, and another new camera. Currently, I am using a Canon EOS Rp with two art lenses - 50mm and 85mm.

As you can imagine, I got scoffed at. I got mocked. I was told photography is too competitive and I would never make it. I was misunderstood. I was confused. I was also new and didn't stand a chance at having a comeback phrase to all the negativity. To this day, there are still some nay-sayers out there that will not support me or give me grace for "making it". It doesn't matter to me as much because the people who did, and yes I am going to make a list and throw it out here right now, because these are my people, are my lifeline. My everything.

My Dad, my biggest fan in heaven.

My Husband, my love and support.

My Mom, my toughest wanted critic.

Anna K, for being my hype girl.

Heather D, for believing in me no matter what.

Melissa G, for promoting me.

My kids, for their constant affection and willingness to help.

My whole family, for enduring years of trial and error.

Tiffany B, Erin B, Dreyahna B, Lindsay S, Mackenzie S, Mark D, Brittany F, Carrie N, and Kimber T, for being better friends and fans then they realize.

Last, but not least, all my beautiful and amazing clients that show up for me, choose me, tag me, promote me, believe in me, and are loyal to me - love you lots!

A camera didn't take a great picture, no more than a typewriter wrote a great novel. The skills I have learned, the time I have spent, the sacrifices I have made, the money I have spent, it's all worth it to me. Everything I have done up until now, has made me the photographer I am today. That matters. I might be a dreamer. You can definitely call me Dreaming Dee -- and that's not a bad thing.

Dream big. Dream often. Don't quit your daydream. Dreams are just plans that haven't happened yet.




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Sep 26, 2023

This is awesome! I’m so glad to have your beautiful work covering many important things in my life: my sons senior photos in which you brought it out of him ❤️, my beautiful family photos on Ft Myers Beach that mean more than just family after Ian, and last but not least all the AFSP events you sponsor us for - walks, parades and everything in between. You my dear have made a bigger impact on my life than you know. Keep kicking butt and proving those silly naysayers wrong with your beautiful work!!!


Sep 25, 2023

I’ll always be your hype girl! Photography is one of the many things you are amazing at 💜 Blessed to have crossed paths!!

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