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Dee, Help! What do I wear?

One of the most commons questions I get asked is "what do I wear?"

Here are my tips:

Establish the Style: We will begin by discussing the overall style and mood of the photoshoot. Is it formal, casual, or themed? Understanding the desired look will help you make appropriate wardrobe choices.

  • Colors: I will suggest a color palette that works well with the background and the overall concept of the shoot. Coordinating colors can help create a cohesive and visually appealing result. I can mention if there are any colors to avoid as well.

  • Patterns: I recommend avoiding busy or distracting patterns, as they can take the focus away from the subject, which is you! Solid colors or subtle patterns often work best. However, for themed shoots or creative projects, patterns might be appropriate.

  • Clothing Types: Depending on the context, there are types of clothing that would work best. For example, business smart for headshots, comfortable and casual wear for a family photoshoot, country and boots for the farm, or sports gear for a fitness shoot.

  • *Layers and Accessories: This one is really important. I strongly encourage you to bring layers or accessories that can add variety to the photos. Layers can be added or removed to change the look, and accessories like scarves, hats, sunglasses, or jewelry can enhance the overall style.

  • Consider the Environment: Take into account the location and weather conditions. For beach shoots, clothes will get wet and going barefoot is okay. For farm shoots, wedge heels, cowboy boots, or closed-toes shoes are best!

  • Body Shapes and Comfort: This goes without saying, but I will say it: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL THE WAY YOU ARE. Please dress in something that makes you feel like it - comfortable and confident. It's my pleasure to discuss body dysmorphia, body types, and poses with you before the shoot. You will find I am very approachable and caring <3

  • Coordinate with Others: If the photoshoot involves multiple people (e.g., family or group shots), I advise you to coordinate colors or styles to create a harmonious look. This doesn't necessarily mean everyone has to match, but your outfits should "complement" each other.

  • Bring Options: (Studio) I recommend bringing multiple outfit options so you can make a final selection on the day of the shoot.

  • I Respect Your Personal Style: While I can offer suggestions, I respect your personal style and choices. It's essential that you feel comfortable and authentic in your photos.

Pre-Shoot Consultation: We can meet or chat before the photoshoot to discuss wardrobe choices in more detail as much as you want. I am here to answer any questions you may have and also alleviate all of your concerns. I just want you to have fun and be ready to be yourself when the camera is out.

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